Auto Glass: Tempered vs. Laminated – What is the Difference?

Written by Nino

Jun 13, 2022

June 13, 2022

In this blog post, we will elaborate on the major differences between tempered and laminated auto glass.

The auto glass of your cherished vehicle gives you a pleasant break from the monotony of moving in one direction for hours every day. Through the auto glass, one can observe how the landscape rolls gently beside you in a wave of passing cars, trees, buildings. All the elements indicate the passage of time and covered distance.

Regardless if you’re the driver or the passenger, this is a familiar view on road trips. The occasional glance through your auto glass always provides something new to observe on your journey.

How often do you consider the wonder and construction of your auto glass? Most people rarely think about the precious glass unless something has happened to them. Which quickly can turn into a source of frustration. 

Tempered vs laminated auto glass infographics

What is Tempered Auto Glass?

Smashed tempered glass, a lot of small pieces

To understand the production of tempered auto glass. You need to grasp, to begin with, the creation process of this glass type. The glass undergoes a series of relentless heat and cooling treatment protocols. The alternation in extreme temperature causes the glass to be more robust and, overall, less resistant to shatter.

Suppose the auto glass shatters for some unpredictable reason; then, it will break in a less critical pattern. The intention of this is to reduce the risk of cutting your skin should glass damage occur. Very unfortunate, this is not always the case; this is why front windshields made of tempered glass are no longer placed into vehicles.

Since the back-side windows are not as likely to be impacted or break entirely during an accident. The most significant benefit of using tempered glass over laminate glass is that if your car gets submerged in water, you can escape the vehicle by quickly kicking the side windows out.

Unfortunately, this glass characteristic makes the job of thieves much easier. Everyone who has had their car broken into remembers clearly the millions of pieces of shattered glass awaiting them in the driveway or on the parking lot.

Shift in Auto Glass Type to Improve Your Safety

Due to imposed safety concerns, car manufacturers began to shift from tempered glass to laminate glass. This shift aims to minimize the risk for passengers to exit the car in case of an accident. 

When an accident results in the driver or a passenger being ejected from the vehicle, in most cases, the outcome could be deadly, if not life-threatening. Your chances of surviving a car accident and having minor to moderate injuries rather than severe or life-threatening injuries are much higher compared to when you remain inside of the vehicle. 

Laminated Auto Glass

Producing laminate glass is much more complex than tempered glass. The auto glass is created from a premium chemical mix whose components create the strong glass and undergo strengthening treatments. Finally, two sheets of glass are put together with a layer of polyvinyl between them. Fused under tremendous pressure: the result becomes laminated glass.

This complex process is necessary to create laminate glass and prevents the glass from shattering. Hereby increasing the chances of the passenger remaining in the vehicle in the event of a high-impact accident. Today, under federal law, all windshields must be made with laminated glass.

Also, a correctly installed laminate glass helps make up a significant percentage of the car’s overall cabin strength in the rollover case. Meaning that you’re much less likely to be crushed if your vehicle rolls over.

Laminate glass is nearly impossible to pierce by yourself. Many car manufacturers believe that escape and emergency braking are far less likely to occur than a high-impact or rollover accident. Because of this, the benefits of using laminated glass far outweigh the dangers.

Laminated glass structure, infographics

There is currently no law stating that all the windows and auto glass must be equipped with laminated glass. Most newer cars have auto glass which is made from laminated glass. If you have a newer car, know that your auto glass is constructed in an essential way to keep you safe and comfortable when you drive.

Auto Glass Inspection

US Auto Glass logo

Always make sure your auto glass is in good condition and intact before going for a drive. Do not underestimate this auto-glass routine.

When you notice any glass damages such as cracks, pits, or chips in your windshield, that are the size of a quarter or larger, then it’s time to get the windshield replaced. The good news is that you don’t have to find the right auto glass for your car, all by yourself. Let the professionals at US Auto Glass help you through an auto glass replacement service that matches your safety standards.

Are You Looking for a Quality Auto Glass?

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You can make use of our mobile replacement service when you order a new high-quality windshield, rear window, or side window online.

Never jeopardize your safety! In case your auto glass is cracked or damaged. Check out our instant replacement prices for your vehicle at, and make the most thoughtful and informed decision for your wallet and your life.

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