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We’re excited about what the year 2023 has in store. We have ambitious goals and plans to grow our business and provide better service to each customer. We’ve always looked into the latest technology and innovative processes to ensure we can offer you the best products for your auto glass needs.

We’re ready to find new ways! With a more extensive network of technicians, cutting-edge tools, and top-of-the-line materials, this year will be an incredible journey for us. As an organization and network of auto glass fitters, we look forward to taking you on this journey and giving you an insight into our day-to-day operations.

Our operations are constantly evolving, and any new ideas and opinions will help us stay ahead of the industry. We’re ready to explore new ways of communicating with our readers, and it’s our privilege to share our successes and learnings with you.

Review of the week

This highlight covers our replacement services in California, Texas, and Colorado. Our experienced fitters are trained to operate with high precision so that your vehicle’s glasswork is replaced effectively and quickly.

We understand the importance of good visibility while driving; therefore, we use high-quality products that ensure your safety and comfort on the road. All our replacements meet the highest wind resistance and water tightness; you won’t even know it was changed!


We knew it would be a challenge when we replaced the windshield on a new BMW X5 in Santa Barbara. With some hard work, communication, and keen attention to detail, this replacement job was successful! As always, our technician took the job seriously and did our best to ensure the replacement was done correctly and with precision so that it would meet impeccable standards.

Toyota Sienna

Our technician was thrilled to replace the back window on a Toyota Sienna in Westminister, CO. This is a fantastic car! The window fitment was extremely straightforward – everything meshed together perfectly, and the process only took an hour.

I’m always impressed by the quality of Toyota’s build, and it certainly didn’t disappoint this time.
The customer was delighted with the results and service; for me, that’s what it’s all about.

Joe – US Auto Glass technician

Chevrolet Silverado

It was a pleasure to replace the back window on this older silver Chevrolet Silverado from 1999 for a customer in San Antonio! We make sure to take the utmost care when replacing the back glass, and it was no different for this one.

Installing the new auto glass was simple – our team of professionals has worked for many years handling car windows. After triple-checking that we had the correct components, we removed the old window from its frame and firmly fitted the new glass for this unique Silverado model.

Take advantage of the big update that’s coming next week! We’ve been preparing exciting changes and replacements in our booking system so you can get the best Autoglass customer experience. We’ve been hard at work making sure your experience with us is as smooth and easy as possible, so stay tuned for what’s to come.

Don’t wait to replace the damaged auto glass – come to us for reliable mobile replacement services every time!

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