How to remove car windshield stickers

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Jul 4, 2022

July 4, 2022

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Removing an old car window sticker can be really frustrating; it all starts with the problem of the old stickers starting to peel off on their own. Even forcible removal does not help, as they tear into tattered strips and pieces when removed in this way.

From the logo of a soccer team you used to root for to melted remnants of an outdated toll disc, this simple step-by-step guide will teach you how to effectively get rid of even the smallest trace of an unwanted sticker, freeing up precious space on your windshield.

Steps to take before removing windshield stickers

It is best to prepare the surface of the windshield before removal. This step involves the simple use of a towel and warm water. The towel is moistened with warm water and then wiped over the sticker surface and also over the surrounding surface, creating a clean surface to work on.

(Note: Do not dump out the warm water after this procedure. Read on to find out why.)

It’s best to use your regular windshield cleaner when trying to remove a stubborn stain on the windshield. This step is necessary because it is much easier to work on a clean windshield than on a dirty one, as the cleanliness wipes out any visible label residue.

How do you remove an annoying bumper sticker?

The next step is to carefully remove as much of the washed sticker as possible with your fingers. This should be done slowly and with a lot of care. This will prevent the sticker from tearing into pieces and hopefully keep it intact. This will also make it easier to remove large pieces of the sticker.

This step is often easier when you are trying to remove newer adhesive labels. So, there is absolutely no reason to freak out if your older sticker comes off all at once with a lot of little tears. Note: It’s not absolutely necessary but peeling off most of the sticky material at this stage will make it easier to remove the vinyl adhesive in the next step.

Big sticker on the auto glass

How to remove the adhesive

For this step, you will need to get a trustworthy adhesive removal material from a hardware store. I would recommend getting a product like WD-40 or Windex. Simple materials like rubbing alcohol can also be effective for this task.

It is always advisable to carefully read the safety instructions on the product you get. Acetone-based adhesive removers can only partially dissolve the adhesive of the sticker, while some other substances can attack the car paint, so extreme caution is advised. You should also lay a towel under the work surface to catch any sticker residue that falls off.

In the next step, apply the adhesive remover to the remaining parts of the windshield sticker and also to the part of the windshield you have already removed sticker materials from and carefully let the adhesive remover penetrate into the sticker adhesive. Make sure that the rubbery material does not dry from the surface of the windshield before the next step. 

Person clean up adhesive from old sticker on auto glass

How can I scrape off the windshield sticker?

The next step requires the use of a simple tool: a plastic scraper.

Use the plastic scraper to peel off the remaining sticker along with the adhesive remover. The adhesive remover should have softened the bond between the sticker and the windshield, making it easy to peel off. If scraping the sticker with the plastic scraper is not enough to complete in one step, more adhesive material should be added, and this step repeated.

A razor blade can also be used instead of a plastic scraper. However, extra care must be taken when using a razor blade to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.

Final cleaning

This last step follows the satisfactory removal of adhesive labels.

When you have satisfactorily removed the sticker from the windshield, take a towel and dip it into the warm water.

(Aren’t you glad you didn’t dump it out already?)

Use the towel to wash the area where the sticker was located. This washing step helps to remove all the remains of the sticker, resulting in a bright and clean sticker-free windshield.

All of us at are here to assist you with quality windshield repairs. We also offer windshield replacement services to our customers throughout the US. For more details and advice on how to properly care for your windshield, simply contact us.


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