Jaguar XJ – Windshield Replacement

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Nov 9, 2021

November 9, 2021

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Windshield replacement on Jaguar XJ

Regardless of whether you have windshield replacement issues or not with the Jaguar XJ, this model is known for three things. Firstly the immense beauty and design. The agility vehicle when you drive it and finally how it generates raw power from the engine.  

The assertive styling of the XJ has managed to combine a traditional detailed mesh grille which is illuminated with powerful LED headlights. Furthermore, it is equipped with head-turning pinstriped taillights. 

From a distance, this Jaguar model oozes quality and power with a luxurious stance — somehow, it looks muscular but not bulky in any way. All the proportions are in balance, just as you would expect a Jaguar car to be. 

Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to disgrace this stunning image with a crack or stone chip on the windshield. 

Jaguar XJ – the reasons for cracks on the windshield

Any car owner will tell you that cracks and chips are a mystery and one of the most annoying damages your beloved vehicle can endure. A few reasons why cracks appear are apparent, while others are highly dependent on external circumstances. In most cases, it is often more expensive to fix compared to other annoying issues like a flat tire or a small scratch on the side.  

Impact Damage

When driving along a newly paved road, the windshield is at the risk of getting in harm’s way. Since the surface of these roads usually consists of a mixture of asphalt and small rocks.

Contractors for road renewal will, for instance, use a rock to test the asphalt for its hardness. These minor leftover stones will damage someone’s windshield long after they are gone—especially when high speeds are involved, like on a highway.

The devastating impact of these small pieces of roadside debris can create a chip on the windshield. Very few people get surprised when a stone chip develops into a crack in the windshield – it was only a matter of time. 

These rocks get projected in all directions, but at the right angle and high speed; a small rock that glances across your auto glass is all it takes. 

Damage like this is frequent and, in most cases, a fixable problem. Typically the most common cause of all windshield-related problems. While in other cases, it was all it took to create unrecoverable damage to the glass.

To sum it up, stones are the most common reason for sudden damage to a windshield. Avoid trips along a freshly paved road, and if you cant avoid it, make sure to position yourself correctly to minimize the risk.

The impact of high-velocity stones can crack the three layers of a windshield or even shatter a side window. Later we will cover how auto glass is manufactured and the difference between the glass in your vehicle. 

Silver Jaguar logo on front grill
Jaguar car interior view through side window

Stress Fractures

Every season of the year has its charm, but seasonal changes also cause temperature spikes. When the temperature fluctuates from two extremes, from icy winds to direct sunlight – these weather changes are not dealt with well by your Jaguar XJ windshield.

In short, the components (including the window frame and auto glass) start to contract and expand. Although these tolerances are minor, the movement can result in a stress fracture. A type of damage that neither the windshield nor the driver wants to experience.

Sudden weather changes

We mention that the weather can cause stress fractures due to hot and cold temperature fluctuations. With any stormy weather on the horizon, travel together with airborne debris. A windshield protects you from hailstones and, to a degree, from flying tree branches. An impact from these objects would leave your windshield in a compromised state.


A minor collision crash followed by some interaction with an insurance provider or, at worst, the Jaguar XJ’s total write-off.

Any form of collision can lead to the complete replacement of multiple auto glass panels, including all the required interconnecting parts.

Sub-standard materials, repairs, and installations

Poorly trained auto glass technicians, worn-out equipment, and non-OEM compliant materials may result in quality problems down the line.

Auto glass parts and window frames that don’t fit perfectly will generate friction, form stress fractures, and cause a windshield to shatter.

How to prevent further auto glass damage to the Jaguar XJ 

Some measures to restrict or entirely avoid these scenarios include using a protected parking space, responsible de-icing during the winter, and regular cleaning of the windshield. Pay close attention to your surroundings, and employ professional auto glass technicians for windshield examinations and repairs. 

Red sporty Jaguar XJ, sunset behind

Can I keep driving with cracks on the windshield of my Jaguar XJ?

Cracks have formed on the windshield, and you wonder whether you could delay the repairs.

Safety concerns

The windshield and other auto glass (rear and side windows) serve various safety purposes in the Jaguar XJ.

Car windows protect the occupants against external elements and allow the passengers to enjoy their surroundings in comfort while driving.

Any cracks or damages to the windshield, which obstruct the driver’s vision become a risk.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the cracked auto glass will not protect as intended. The lowered strength of the glass can be harmful to the occupants of the vehicle.

A question of ethics

Owners of vehicles have a moral obligation at all times towards their passengers and the public. The responsibility lies in operating and maintaining their vehicles in the safest possible manner.

One’s ethical choices cant be affected by any time and financial issues.

When it comes to expertise and experience – which are crucial elements for a safe and reliable replacement or repair of your windshield– no one can surpass our reputation at US Auto Glass.

Can I repair my Jaguar XJ’s windshield myself?

An early repair to slight damage could save the whole windshield. In some cases, a DIY windshield repair kit can serve the purpose well.

Follow the steps below:

  • Buy a windshield repair kit from a reliable store
  • Wash the areas very thoroughly around the chips or cracks
  • Place the adhesive piece on the area along the plastic pedestal that comes with the kit
  • With the syringe, insert the epoxy resin into the affected area
  • Please leave it to cure and then remove the pedestal
  • Remove any excess polish and fully clean the glass, ensure that no stains are left remaining on the surface

When is the windshield crack too big for DIY repair?

When the size of the stone chip is more significant than a coin and cracks are longer than 2,3 inches. It is not possible to save a windshield in that condition with a repair kit. 

A trained expert and accredited auto glass repair provider must repair these or replace the entire windshield.

The scenarios below will require a visit to an auto glass specialist:

  • The damage is less than 2,3 inches from the window side frame
  • The stone chip or crack is located in the driver’s line of sight
  • There is a damage on the inside of the Jaguar XJ’s windshield, not outside (where it usually occurs).

Read here if you’re unsure if you need to repair or replace your windshield.

White Jaguar XJ with black rims

What is the Jaguar XJ’s auto glass made from?

A Jaguar XJ’s windshield and side windows are fabricated from two types of glass: laminated and tempered.

The auto glass factory constructs the windshield from laminated glass. The car manufacturers use a tempered type of glass for all the other panels — such as door and back windows.

Production process of laminated auto glass

Laminated Glass

This type is more robust and durable compared to tempered glass. The manufacture merges synthetic interlayer (vinyl or a substitute) between two or more sheets of ordinary glass. 

By applying extremely high pressure, they can compress the layers together. The bonding of the layers is done at high temperatures to produce a more durable glass. This glass can withstand massive pressure before cracking.

Laminated windshields restrict to a large degree the number of dangerous glass shards occurring from an accident, which are hazardous to the occupants of the vehicle.

In some cases, it is possible to repair small damaged areas of laminated windshields, thereby saving the customer considerable money — Jaguar XJ windshield replacement is costly.

Tempered Glass

Although harder in its construction, this type of auto glass is more durable than regular glass.

Factories manufacture tempered glass by baking sheets of glass at incredibly high temperatures (up to 1000 + degrees Fahrenheit) in a huge industrial oven. 

The glass sheet then undergoes a cooling procedure known as quenching: it is pressurized first and then cooled rapidly with water.

This manufacturing process results in tempered glass. As a result, the glass will break into small and relatively safe pieces when damaged, unlike regular panes of glass. 

Due to the better properties of tempered glass, it is being put into use where human safety is at risks, such as the side and rear windows in the Jaguar XJ. 

This type is, unfortunately, irreparable and requires complete replacement every time it’s damaged.

Tempered auto glass is shattered, a lot of pieces

Where can I go to get my Jaguar XJ windshield replaced?

At US Auto Glass, we’ll at all times handle your Jaguar XJ with the specialist care it deserves. Feel free to put our incredible client service to the test:

Us Auto Glass logo

We are mobile 

Avoid driving your car with a cracked windshield to the nearest repair center. We are ready to send one of our certified technicians in your direction. With us, you can save time and lessen your risk on the road and travel anywhere within the country, as long as it is accessible by land or bridge.

We have a hassle-free online booking website

Our easy-to-use website has been designed to ensure a user-friendly experience. Find your Jaguar XJ auto glass replacement price online, and book at a time that suits you today.  

Fun facts about Jaguar

  • The Swallow Sidecar Company was founded in 1922 by William Lyons and William Walmsley. In 1935 they introduced the SS Jaguar Saloon, the first car with the famous cat emblem. 
  • The car’s feline grace, elegance, and finely tuned balance of power and agility warranted a new name. They chose a big cat.
  • Lyons loved motorcycles and, together with wartime aircraft design influences, the cars were low, sleek, and graceful.
  • A Jaguar signature: the vertically ribbed oval grille was first used on the XK120 model.
  • The Road & Track Magazine once called the Jaguar E‑type the most excellent crumpet collector known to man. The type is probably one of the most iconic designs in British car design history.
  • Guess the fastest-selling sports car in Jaguar’s history – it is the XK.


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