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White Toyota Camry parked next to pedestrian

Year after year, we observe how the Toyota Camry consistently remains at the top of the car sales statistic as America’s top-selling car.

No wonder the demand for Toyota Camry windshield replacement is big since so many of them have been sold across the country. 

The Toyota Georgetown Assembly Plant in Kentucky has been highly productive, as they have produced more than 10 million Toyota Camry since they set up the production facility in 1989.

According to Toyota, there are approx. 6.4 million Toyota Camry’s driving on the roads of America.


Toyota Camry – Let’s go places

As a Toyota owner, you have most likely encountered this slogan before. In 2012, they moved from “Moving Forward” to this new and exciting tagline: Let’s go Places.

As the top-of-the-class mid-size car, the Toyota Camry allows you to go places. This car is highly praised for being practical and reliable and has a reputation for being a safe choice amongst its owners.

The generation that made the Camry popular was, on average, +50 years old. Today, Toyota targets a new and younger core audience, aged between 25 and 45 years.

Front view on sporty Toyota Camry

The goal for Toyota is to remain appealing to its loyal customers and stay attractive to the upcoming generations. Familiarize yourself with the Toyota Camry’s entry into America with this informative CNBC coverage on the automobile: How the “Boring” Toyota Camry Became a Best-seller in America 

Nowadays, Toyota is well aware that once a car owner goes for larger models like SUVs, they rarely return to a mid-size car. In the SUV class, Toyota has model options like the RAV4Highlander4Runner, or the full-size SUV, the Land Cruiser.

My Toyota Camry has a crack on the windshield

Long extended crack on a Camry windshield, view from inside, rainy weather

How did it appear? The last thing you want is to deal with unexpected concerns with our vehicle, especially when you have chosen to buy a Toyota Camry, known for its five-out-of-five safety ratings.

Unfortunately, stone chips and cracks on windshields often occur when you least expect them. There are numerous reasons why stone chips can appear on the shining surface of your windshields.

Eventually, causing the entire sections of your car glass to crack and leaves you in a situation where you urgently need a windshield replacement.

We have listed a few reasons below, so you can take appropriate measures to minimize the risk.

The cost of replacing the windshield has many minor factors. Still, some peripheral issues will seriously affect the windshield replacements cost.

External Force on your windshield

The most direct testimony for impact damages on a windshield comes from small objects such as rocks and other materials. These can move at high speed towards your car and cause damage.

For instance, you might be driving on a freshly covered road, and the vehicle in front or driving past you, out of nowhere, manage to direct a stone in the direction of your vehicle — transforming the small innocent object into a devastating missile for your windshield.

Many American cities are subject to constant repair and upgrade of their road infrastructure. These numerous constructions of the roads often leave material behind, just waiting to be projected onto your windshield.

Moreover, always keep a decent distance from trucks that carry building material to and from construction sites on the highway.

Small stones in a car tier can quickly become flying objects.

You will be surprised how small objects can create actual damage if they manage to impact your windshield at the right speed and angle. In the blink of an eye, it happened, and there was nothing you could do to prevent it.

This incident will, without a doubt, make you feel helpless for your car’s windshield. Most drivers have experienced this at least once as car owners. Make sure to book a glass repair right away.


Stress Fracture leads to Auto Glass Replacement

It should not come as a surprise that shifting temperatures are not your vehicle’s best friend. Primarily when the Toyota Camry windshield deals with steaming hotness one day and shivering coldness the other. This is not an ideal setting under any circumstances.

When the auto glass undergoes these temperature shifts too often, the windshield becomes more prone to stress fractures.

These fractures arise due to ongoing contractions and expansions within the auto glass of your vehicle’s windshield — caused by shifting temperatures on the outer parts of the scale. This type of damage is far less likely than external impact damage, but the devastating effect on your beloved Toyota Camry windshield is the same.

Stone sitting in car tire tread, close up

Replacement solutions at cheap auto glass Facilities

Most vehicle owners have probably encountered “incredible” replacement offers online or spotted a bulletin on the road. They all promise windshield replacements at prices that just “can’t be beaten!” elsewhere. A few months later, once you comprehend the deteriorating state of your new windshield.

To your big disappointment, you will understand that the newly installed windshield does not have a long lifecycle, and you have the same auto glass dilemma once again. We often hear this typical scenario when a cheap facility has performed a windshield replacement.

Badly-trained auto glass replacement practitioners often operate these tremendously cheap installation garages. Using their solutions is no more profitable than leaving the problem alone and hoping for the best since the result will eventually be the same.

This is not a long-lasting solution.

When the auto glass part is installed inadequately in your vehicle, there is an inevitable risk that the frame and car glass will rub against each other and compromise your safety.

We highly advise you not to sign up for your car for a windshield replacement in these places and only use companies that have approved professionals. Here your vehicle will be equipped with high-quality glass with OEM certification and overlooked by technicians that use industry-level tools.

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How much does a Toyota Camry windshield replacement cost?

White Toyota Camry parked next to pedestrian

When determining the price of an auto glass replacement, a few factors are essential to consider. To calculate the entire expense of your windshield replacement cost, we must incorporate some elements that come into play.

The important factors determining the total cost for our customers are, first and foremost, the make, model, and production year of your vehicle. You can find a short elaboration on the three terms and factors below.

Toyota Camry badge on the trunk

The Brand 

The term “brand” is an abbreviation for the car manufacturer, which means the company that makes the car. Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Honda are all examples of car brands. More expensive brands usually require more money to replace or repair.

The Model 

A vehicle’s “model” is the terminology the car manufacturer applies to produce and sell their well-defined car ranges. For example, Toyota has numerous models in its portfolio — the difference between the two models could be the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Camry.

Both models are from the same make, yes. But these two models are different, and Toyota differentiates them in many ways, like features & specifications they are equipped with and various design styles.

The Year

The production year of your vehicle plays a significant role when determining the cost of new auto glass that needs to be replaced. For instance, the first Toyota Camry was manufactured in 1983 compared to a Toyota Camry produced in 2021.

Obviously, the older generation will have less advanced features and specifications, making new parts more accessible and, generally, more inexpensive to replace.

What windshield features does my Toyota Camry have?

Gray Toyota Camry with widebody kit

We need to examine a few features of your windshield to determine what your Toyota Camry windshield has installed, as these features affect the total windshield replacement rate as well.

We have eased the identification process by having these features illustrated on our web page when you make a booking through us—making it easier to select the right ones. Furthermore, we always double-check the data you provide us with.

This verification process ensures the correct windshield replacement for your particular Toyota Camry is brought along once the replacement occurs.

Below you can find a list of the standard features of a Toyota Camry windshield:

Rain Sensor

The purpose of the rain sensor in a car is to detect any rainfall or moisture that makes contact with the windshield and automatically adjust the movement of the wipers accordingly. Additionally, the rain sensors assist the driver in the ongoing battle to minimize distractions while driving.


This useful little instrument records data while you drive and supports you in becoming more conscious of potential dangers in your external environment. Allowing you to respond better and faster to avoid anything dangerous.

The camera also assists when you need to park your car without hitting and scratching your vehicle. Lastly, it provides invaluable footage in court cases where you are required to prove the accident wasn’t your fault.

Noise Reduction windshield

Road noise can be an annoying disturbance when driving. A windshield that is equipped with noise reduction will usually be tagged with the words “Acoustic. “ Alternatively, it can be illustrated with an ear in the corner of the windshield.

If you notice a text or symbol, you know that your vehicle has excellent acoustic glass.

This particular windshield type has been constructed with an additional layer of vinyl to provide additional sound-proofing qualities within your windshield.

This feature grants you and the other passengers some release from the loud noises of the outside environment.

LiDar / Radar

Do you have a road assistant guide in your Toyota Camry? This helpful tool can calculate the distance between itself and any obstacle with exact precision accurately. It can also detect the precise dimensions of the object it measures.

The LiDAR machine emits rapid laser signals, often up to 150,000 pulses per second! These signals can bounce back from any obstacles. The sensor on this instrument will then measure the time it takes for each pulse to hop around.

Furthermore, the LiDAR is utilized to make high-resolution diagrams and maps to assist you in gaining full awareness of your surroundings, even detecting spots that can’t be seen with the human eye.

Heated Windshield Sensors

This mechanism is used to prevent moisture and frost from entering the sensor area, preventing it from messing up the instruments your Toyota Camry utilizes to assist you during the drive.

What could happen if I keep driving with cracks on the windshield of my Toyota Camry?

Safety Problems

One can easily fall into the trap of thinking the only job of your Toyota Carmy auto glass is to facilitate a clear vision and safeguard you against external elements when you drive.

Still, your car’s structural frame is compromised when your Toyota Camry windshield is broken or split.

The front windshields work to keep the structure securely in place if your Toyota Camry gets into an accident (and God forbid) rollover due to a collision. 

If cracks have already degraded the glass at this stage, it is far more inclined to lose the protective element. In this case, the glass will not stop the frame from collapsing inwards and pulverizing the driver and passengers.

Picture of cracked windshield caused by stone chip

How can I limit cracks and chips from appearing on my Toyota Camry windshield?

Luckily, there are many techniques you can incorporate to ensure that you prevent any stone chips or cracks from appearing on the surface of your windshield. Preventative actions to avoid future damage are more thoughtful, flexible, and cheaper than repairs or complete replacements.

Crack caused by stone chip on Camry windshield

Always provide good shelter

Whenever possible, always park your Toyota Camry away from the sun. Constant exposure to direct sunlight is never good for any vehicle. Heat forces the glass to expand, initiating the process of a crack or chip becoming more serious.

Appropriate shelter will also defend your Camry auto glass from external force damage caused by flying projectiles (such as balls or other children’s toys).

Furthermore, a good vehicle shelter protects from weather-related threats such as hailstones and breached tree branches. Always do what you can to avoid a Toyota Camry windshield replacement.

Clean your windshield

When you have or spot a crack, you should protect it against coming into contact with any dirt or moisture, as this can contaminate the damaged section. It will benefit your vehicle to place a clear piece of tape over it to protect it.

Notice that windshield wiper fluids can include colorants in their ingredients, which then coat the area and lead to inadequate results even after a successful stone chip repair.

Where should I go for Auto Glass replacements and other windshield care for my Toyota Camry?

Us Auto Glass logo

Look no further; at US Auto Glass, we strive to constantly offer the best possible auto glass service at the most affordable and convenient prices on the market. We utilize a vast network of experienced technicians to present our clients with high-quality installation opportunities when your vehicle requires a windshield replacement.

A cracked or damaged windshield can reduce visibility and make it more difficult to avoid obstacles on the road. For these reasons, replacing a windshield as soon as possible after it is damaged is important. The Toyota Camry windshield replacement is a complex process that requires special tools and training.

Attempting to replace a windshield without the proper skills and experience can result in further damage to the vehicle or injury to the person attempting the repair.

For these reasons, it is always best to leave windshield replacement to the professionals. There are plenty of competitors in the auto glass repair market, so why take our word over theirs? Just bear in mind that we are US Auto Glass for a reason.

We offer Nation-wide-coverage

We cover most locations within the US, as long as it’s possible to travel there through land or bridge. No longer is it necessary to transport yourself somewhere with a critically compromised windshield.

Our network of mobile technicians is in the pole position to facilitate you whenever an auto glass replacement is needed.

Visit our user friendly website

Our easy-to-use website has your comfort in mind in the way it is outlined and structured. With us, you can schedule an installation at any day and time that works most suitably for your day-to-day calendar.

Shortly after, we will assign one of our qualified auto glass experts to head over to that time slot.


Published on: October 21, 2021


Eric is the driving force behind the Sales and Operations team at US Auto Glass. His role there is not merely a job but an extension of his passion. He's ardently dedicated to ensuring customers receive top-tier service while also staying on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry. So, Eric's your go-to guy, whether you're a fellow car enthusiast looking to discuss the subtle differences between American-produced car models or someone needing expert guidance on auto glass solutions.

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