10 Things You Need to Know About Windshield Calibration.

Written by Oliver

Jun 6, 2022

June 6, 2022

Infographics about windshield calibration

The windshields are no longer just a piece of glass that protects you from outside elements. The integration of sensors and cameras, now an essential part of modern vehicles technology, has mostly been placed in the windshield – to optimize your driving experience. Once the modern windshield has been replaced, it requires a windshield calibration. Furthermore, this development in the automotive industry is helping to keep roads safer.

Development in this area has been necessary, but at the same time, it makes the replacement of windshields more challenging. There are now several critical factors to consider: one of them being the windshield calibration.

Car driving on the road, ADAS systems in use

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Calibrating a Windshield

1. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) increase road safety by, among other things, warning you of potential dangers.

These systems usually operate through sensors and a professionally mounted camera on the windshield.

This extra eye on the road passes information about the vehicle’s surroundings to ADAS. The system then responds and activates automated security measures when needed.

2. ADAS technology includes collision warnings, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning, parking assistant, and pedestrian registration.

3. Many large automakers have developed their own ADAS systems. These include Toyota Safety Sense, Ford Co-Pilot, Kia DRIVEWISE, Honda Sensing, and 360 Subaru Eyesight, to mention a few.

4. “Smart auto glass” has special tinted and uncolored areas on the glass, allowing the camera to “see” the road. The windshield, therefore, composes an essential part of the camera lens.

5. Traffic safety research estimates that ADAS integration in passenger cars can prevent up to 40% of accidents. Should an accident still occur, it will usually be less severe and result in 37% fewer injuries and 29% fewer deaths.

6. ADAS monitors blind spots, pedestrians, and animals crossing the road and proximity to objects. To always have the optimal monitoring of the surroundings, you need a precisely calibrated windshield camera.

When Should the ADAS Systems be Calibrated?

7. The windshield camera must be recalibrated when the windshield is replaced, the suspension or wheel alignment, if the dashboard shows an error code, or if the camera disconnects.

8. The windshield calibration adjusts the camera lens so that it can again take an accurate and reliable picture of the road and other vehicles. If it is adjusted incorrectly by even a few millimeters, it can compromise the technology and cause more dangerous driving.

9. When dealing with ADAS calibration, we differentiate them into two types: dynamic and static. Both types of calibration take approximately one to two hours to complete.

10. Dynamic calibration involves extensive testing of the ADAS systems.

11. In most cases, the technician drives the vehicle at a certain speed, over a certain distance, and under ideal weather conditions. The technician calibrates the windshield with a handheld device. It allows the system to get used to certain road functions.

12. Different car manufacturers have specified specific parameters for dynamic ADAS calibration on their cars, which must be followed.

13. Static calibration of ADAS while the car is stationary. Calibrations take place in a specialized workshop. Technicians use equipment from the manufacturer to calibrate the camera and sensors.

14. There is no indication or warning of an incorrect ADAS calibration, which may cause the driver to react to false information. As an example, some ADAS technologies automatically release the emergency brake if an object suddenly appears.

ADAS Camera on a modern vehicle
Infographics about windshield calibration

Incorrect Windshield Calibration

ADAS representation, infographics

If your windshield has an incorrectly calibrated camera, the system may bring your car to an unwanted stop. For safety reasons, it is crucial that a trained auto glass fitter professionally calibrates your windshield.

US Auto Glass technicians have decades of combined experience combined. Our expertise and experience put you and your car in competent hands. We use state-of-the-art equipment for replacing your windshield and calibrating sensors and cameras.

Your safety is our biggest concern.

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