How Much does a Windshield Replacement Cost?

Written by Nino

Use the online estimator on our website to determine your windshield replacement cost when you need it done urgently!

Let us break down the factors that influence the total price of a windshield replacement.

Our certified technician in the process of a windshield replacement.

When it comes to the safety and integrity of your vehicle, your windshield plays a pivotal role. It’s the part that significantly contributes to driving visibility, offering the most extended visible range, allowing you to foresee the road ahead. In addition to being highly responsible for driver and passenger safety, it protects you from dangerous external components while driving or operating the vehicle.

Do not neglect your damaged windshield; it’s more than just a piece of glass; it’s a critical component of your vehicle.

Like all vehicle components, an auto windshield is not immune to damage. Under the right circumstances, it takes very little to compromise it and create a windshield crack; a small stone kicked up by a passing car or a baking hot day in the sun is enough to transform your crystal-clear windshield into a damaged one.

All car owners find this situation an unpleasant surprise, or they act on it once it’s too late. Whether due to a rock hitting the glass or a crack slowly spreading over time, the need for replacement is a reality for many car owners across the United States.


The Most Common Causes of  Your Windshield Damage

At US Auto Glass, we aim to provide the most comprehensive informational post online.

We will elaborate on the common causes of windshield issues, offer insight into the windshield replacement process, break down the factors that influence windshield replacement costs, and equip you with the knowledge to minimize the risk of these issues recurring.

Your car’s windshield can sustain damage in various ways, including:

Stone chip:

For many car owners, it all begins with a stone chip. The distinct sound of a rock striking your windshield is something you won’t easily forget. It only takes the right angle and the velocity of minor objects, such as road debris, to cause damage, like the formation of a newly created stone chip on your windshield.

Not all stone chips are the same; some can be repaired relatively easily, while others may progress into cracks or be beyond repair, necessitating the entire windshield replacement.

Whether a repair or replacement is needed varies from one situation to another.

Our blog post about windshield repair vs replacement aims to answer these questions and illustrate the different types of stone chips that can occur on your windshield.

Windshield Crack:

Untreated rock chips are a common risk for windshields, as they can easily evolve into cracks that spread in various directions.

In some cases, cracks may also stem from minor surface damages around the edge of the windshield, typically starting from the black ceramic area.

Frequent temperature fluctuations, as the glass transitions from hot to cold, can place stress on a windshield, forming one or more cracks.

This phenomenon is commonly observed during the early spring and late fall months and in extensive periods of extreme heat during summer and cold during winter.

Notably, the glass in your vehicle possesses a unique ability to expand slightly and contract.

This characteristic not only absorbs impacts but also plays a crucial role in maintaining roof integrity during rollover accidents and remaining in place when an airbag deploys.

It’s essential to be aware of these factors as they can affect your driving visibility and potentially lead to legal issues once your windshield is cracked.

Impact Damage:

In increasingly extreme weather conditions, car owners often find their parked vehicles susceptible to damage when they lack adequate cover or protection.

Instances range from branches falling and damaging the glass to roof tiles causing significant harm upon impact.

Unfortunately, cases of vandalism can also result in heavy blows to the windshield, all of which can take a toll on the glass.

It’s important to keep in mind that despite being manufactured with passenger safety as a top priority, glass, even when laminated, retains its inherent fragility.

Wear and Tear:

As time passes, all windshields undergo a gradual decline in visibility compared to their pristine condition when the car leaves the factory.

The frequency with which you clean and maintain your windshield plays a significant role in this process.

Additionally, the climate you reside in can contribute to degradation, as sand and other elements may sandblast the surface, further diminishing visibility.

Surface scratches also contribute to wear and tear. Consider how you care for your windshield, whether it’s merely a quick scrape of frost in the morning while the glass is still dirty from the previous day’s driving — you can easily envision the cumulative impact over time.


Windshield with a auto glass damage, time for a replacement.

Windshield Replacement: What can you Expect to Pay

Windshield replacement costs can vary significantly across the United States. The average price spans between $100 and $400 for standard vehicles. Nevertheless, if you happen to own a high-end automobile or one equipped with advanced safetey features, the expenses can easily surpass $ 1,000. To secure the most favorable deal, collecting multiple quotes from reputable auto glass companies is advisable.

Different vehicles require different types of windshields, which can vary in size, shape, and materials.

The typical factors influencing windshield replacement expenses are:


“Make” is a shorthand reference to the car manufacturer, signifying the company responsible for producing the vehicle. For instance, Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, and Ford represent various car brands. Typically, upscale or luxury brands entail higher expenses for windshield repairs or replacements.


The term “car model” is employed by car manufacturers to market a range of distinct vehicle types. Their approach to categorizing their product lineup into specific models can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, consider the contrast between the Toyota Camry and the Toyota RAV4.

Although both belong to the Toyota brand, they exhibit notable differences in functionality, body design, and specifications.

Production Year

The model’s year of manufacture significantly impacts the cost. For instance, a 2000 Honda Accord will typically have fewer features in the glass compared to a 2022 Accord model year, resulting in a lower expense for windshield replacement.

Factors Influencing the Windshield Replacement Cost

Features of the Windshield

The manufacturing cost of a windshield goes up as additional features are incorporated into the glass.

  • Heated windshield: Adds $80 to $120
  • Calibration for Lane Departure Warning: Increases cost by $150
  • Coated windshield glass: Adds $100 or more
  • Heads Up Display: Adds $100
  • Non-American cars: Increases cost by $50 to $100

Windshield Quality

Understanding the quality options for your vehicle’s front windshield is essential when pricing a replacement. The three main types are Original Equipment (OE), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE).

Please note that our online prices default to OEM and OEE quality. 

Labor cost

Labor charges for windshield replacement vary depending on your location and the technicians’ expertise. It’s advisable to obtain multiple quotes to find the best deal.

If you’re wondering how to obtain an accurate quote for your auto glass replacement, we’ve got you covered. We’ve detailed the entire process in our blog post titled How to Get an Auto Glass Quote Online: A Step-by-Step Guide.


Photo of windshield storage, a lot of windshields on high shelves

How to Replace the Windshield 

You believe (hope) that the best potential offer will see your post, where you need to evaluate the best option (considering everything from the first impression to the estimated cost) before finally making up your mind.

At that time, your ideal choice will come to the location of your vehicle and perform the necessary tasks.

Important factors to take care of the windshield before the technician arrives

  • Time required (is it an emergency? Will there be a longer time frame before it can be accessed?)
  • Financial plan (the budget you have for the task)
  • Its physical location and the possibility of foreseeing any problem or difficulty the area presents.
  • The make, model, and age of the vehicle, together with any indication of the severity of the damage suffered and the number of windows to be administered.
  • Any consideration you may have about possible problems or difficulties.
  • The materials and parts you will need (and ask for clarification in case you need to rethink your initial options)

The more information you provide, the easier it will be for the supplier to make a valid and severe offer.

Remember that most will use your ad as a guide when they appear for work, so accuracy is critical.

The windshield occupies a large part of your car; have you noticed it?

Windshield replacement costs vary based on your vehicle, windshield size, and any number of variables.

However, if you need to pay for the windshield and your insurance is not covered, you may have to pay a few hundred dollars, up to $1,000.

Again, this depends on many factors-the conditions of the vehicle itself, the type of windshield you need, the type of vehicle you have, and the type of damage. 

Auto glass technician applying adhesive glue on pinch weld

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Windshield Replacement Price List

Ever wondered, how much is it to replace a windshield?

Well, the answer is just a click away. Find out the precise cost of replacing your windshield on our website.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve crafted the most extensive online resource available, encompassing detailed information on windshield replacement costs. Our comprehensive compendium includes price estimates, both for the low and high ends, for a total of 133 distinct car models. 

*under review February 2024


Windshield Replacement Cost

*incl. Calibration when recommended
Acura MDX Windshield replacement from $414.86 to $1726.54
Acura RDX Windshield replacement from $391.28 to $1300.68
Acura TLX Windshield replacement from $441.57 to $1332.97
Alfa Romeo Stelvio Windshield replacement from $648.02 to $1059.50
Audi A3 Windshield replacement from $354 to $846
Audi A4 Windshield replacement from $509 to $569
Audi A6 Windshield replacement from $498 to $641
Audi Q3 Windshield replacement from $350 to $843
Audi Q5 Windshield replacement from $360 to $834
Audi Q7 Windshield replacement from $366 to $994
BMW 3 Series Windshield replacement from $422 to $532
BMW 5 Series Windshield replacement from $404 to $708
BMW X1 Windshield replacement from $330 to $610
BMW X5 Windshield replacement from $517 to $702
Buick Enclave Windshield replacement from $346 to $842
Buick Encore Windshield replacement from $369 to $956
Buick Envision Windshield replacement from $449 to $978
Cadillac CTS Windshield replacement from $523 to $778
Cadillac Escalade Windshield replacement from $390.79 to $1213.76
Cadillac XT5 Windshield replacement from $492.87 to $1136.08
Chevrolet Cruze Windshield Replacement from $353 to $716
Chevrolet Equinox Windshield Replacement from $350 to $836
Chevrolet Silverado from $352 to $1051
Chevrolet Traverse Windshield Replacement from $413.57 to $805.22
Chrysler 200 Windshield Replacement from $391.26 to $900.87
Chrysler Town and Country Windshield Replacement from $507 to $1003
Chrysler Pacifica Windshield Replacement from $354.72 to $1218.60
Dodge Charger Windshield Replacement from $314
Dodge Dakota Windshield Replacement from $461.02 to $687.31
Dodge Durango Windshield Replacement from $344.48 to $1009.13
Dodge Ram Windshield Replacement from $331
Fiat 500 Windshield Replacement from $390.14 to $1452.71
Ford Bronco Windshield Replacement from $265
Ford Edge from $411.45 to $966.49
Ford Explorer Windshield Replacement from $423.43 to $1455.43
Ford Escape Windshield Replacement from $336.75 to $1135.97
Ford F150 Windshield Replacement from $290
Ford Focus Windshield Replacement from $345.37 to $990.11
Ford Fusion Windshield Replacement from $358.19 to $837.87
Ford Ranger Windshield Replacement from $425.98 to $1245.84
Ford Taurus Windshield Replacement from $337.58 to $801.62
Ford Transit Windshield Replacement from $453
Freightliner Cascadia Windshield from $593.84 to $1098.59
GMC Sierra Windshield Replacement from $463.20 to $1170.98
GMC Terrain Windshield Replacement from $376.63 to $841.31
GMC Yukon Windshield Replacement from $431.21 to $1067.99
Honda Accord from $349.51 to $1251.39
Honda Civic Windshield Replacement from $330.37 to $1145.83
Honda CRV Windshield Replacement from $413.34 to $857.18
Honda Odyssey Windshield Replacement from $375.57 to $1007.18
Honda Pilot Windshield Replacement from $344.61 to $973.78
Hummer H2 Windshield Replacement from $504.02
Hyundai Elantra Windshield Replacement from $334.75 to $938.86
Hyundai Santa Fe Windshield Replacement from $380.70 to $1076.57
Hyundai Sonata Windshield Replacement from $330.50 to $1193.25
Hyundai Tucson Windshield Replacement from $341.33 to $1247.86
Infiniti G35 Windshield Replacement from $312.73 to $541.93
Infiniti Q50 Windshield Replacement from $303.56 to $1381.78
Infiniti QX60 Windshield Replacement from $337.64 to $1389.83
Jaguar F Pace Windshield Replacement from $1083.60 to $1738.77
Jaguar XF Windshield Replacement from $357.02 to $1431.05
Jeep Compass Windshield Replacement from $336.41 to $997.17
Jeep Gladiator Windshield Replacement from $469.24 to $1141.65
Jeep Grand Cherokee Windshield Replacement from $334.47 to $1044.68
Jeep Renegade Windshield Replacement from $407.68 to $1394.26
Jeep Wrangler Windshield Replacement from $337.61 to $1141.65
Kia Soul Windshield Replacement from $372.28 to $965.62
Kia Telluride Windshield Replacement from $817.71 to $902.74
Kia Forte Windshield Replacement from $360.53 to $991.42
Kia K5 Windshield Replacement from $984.61
Kia Optima Windshield Replacement from $354.29 to $897.20
Kia Sorento Windshield Replacement from $348.78 to $984.44
Kia Sportage from $366.19 to $913.36
Land Rover Discovery Windshield Replacement from $1599.42 to $2694.20
Land Rover Range Rover Windshield Replacement from $1136.22
Lexus ES Windshield Replacement from $345.28 to $1566.70
Lexus GX Windshield Replacement from $360.59 to $834.64
Lexus RX Windshield Replacement from $308.27 to $1445.01
Lincoln MKZ Windshield Replacement from $391.68 to $1617.36
Lincoln Navigator Windshield Replacement from $375.57 to $1454.35
Lincoln Town Car Windshield Replacement from $330.82 to $650.74
Maserati Ghibli Windshield Replacement from $711.19 to $1396.14
Mazda 3 Windshield Replacement from $309.64 to $1094.73
Mazda 6 Windshield Replacement from $301.76 to $1286.97
Mazda CX5 Windshield Replacement from $432.78 to $1168.57
Mercedes C-Class from $384.90 to $1554.90
Mercedes E-Class Windshield Replacement from $501.37 to $2045.10
Mercedes GLC Windshield Replacement from $478.24 to $1554.45
Mercedes GLE Windshield Replacement from $818.71 to $2524.85
MINI Cooper from $405.69 to $1128.08
Mitsubishi Outlander Windshield Replacement from $327.13 to $906.62
Nissan Altima Windshield Replacement from $296
Nissan Frontier Windshield Replacement from $364
Nissan Pathfinder Windshield Replacement from $426
Nissan Rogue Windshield Replacement from $389
Nissan Sentra Windshield Replacement from $308
Nissan Versa Windshield Replacement from $259
Pontiac G6 Windshield Replacement from $377
Porsche 911 Windshield Replacement from $469
Porsche Cayenne Windshield Replacement from $810
Porsche Macan Windshield Replacement from $768
RAM 1500 Windshield Replacement from $377
SAAB 9-3 Windshield Replacement from $332.92 to $665.67
Saturn Vue Windshield Replacement from $276
Scion tC Windshield Replacement from $436.39 to $501.91
Scion xB Windshield Replacement from $328.87 to $360.09
Subaru Ascent Windshield Replacement from $315
Subaru Crosstrek Windshield Replacement from $297
Subaru Forester from $298.93 to $936.74
Subaru Impreza Windshield Replacement from $455
Subaru Outback Windshield Replacement from $486
Tesla Model 3 Windshield Replacement from $2443.78
Tesla Model Y Windshield Replacement from $1580.40 to $2705.23
Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Not in stock
Toyota 4Runner Windshield Replacement from $435
Toyota Avalon Windshield Replacement from $367
Toyota Camry from $382
Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement from $318
Toyota Highlander Windshield Replacement from $409
Toyota Prius Windshield Replacement from $375
Toyota RAV4 Windshield Replacement from $438
Toyota Sienna Windshield Replacement from $389
Toyota Tacoma Windshield Replacement from $411
Toyota Tundra Windshield Replacement from $393
VW Atlas Windshield Replacement from $438.95 to $1747.82
VW Beetle Windshield Replacement from $353.01 to $1051.72
VW Jetta Windshield Replacement from $355.81 to $927.06
VW Passat Windshield Replacement from $310.18 to $864.85
VW Tiguan Windshield Replacement from $385.22 to $962.44
Volvo S60 Windshield Replacement from $360.25 to $427.71
Volvo XC40 Windshield Replacement from $933.06 to $1119.31
Volvo XC60 Windshield Replacement from $399.50 to $1569.04
Volvo XC90 Windshield Replacement from $339.15 to $1341.46



FAQs on Windshield Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know 

For a more comprehensive FAQ overview covering every aspect of autoglass and windshield replacement, visit our website.

Our extensive FAQ section provides detailed answers to all your questions, ensuring you have all the information you need before making any decisions

How does payment work?

Your card will only be charged after the replacement. Until then, the funds are temporarily reserved, usually for up to six days, before being automatically deducted. This process is only relevant if you book more than a week in advance.

How do cancellations work?

We offer a free-of-charge cancellation policy until the day before your appointment. If you choose to cancel last minute for any reason other than an error on our part, a $75 cancellation fee will be charged.

Is there any extra cost?

No! That would be unfair; we aim to provide the correct replacement price the first time, as long as the correct attributes have been selected in the process. Requests for extra payments will only occur if you have booked a glass that is entirely different from what your vehicle is equipped with.

Do you provide a warranty?

We offer a two-year warranty on all auto glass replacements. Just let us know if anything hasn’t gone how you wanted with the installation, and we’ll come out to repair or replace it as soon as possible.


Published on: January 31, 2024


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