Spring Maintenance: How to Tune-Up Your Car After Winter

Written by Jacqueline

Join me in embracing spring with our essential guide to revitalising your car for the brighter days ahead.

As the chill of winter recedes, it’s critical to turn our attention to our vehicles.

Spring is an ideal time for a detailed inspection to make sure your car is prepared for peak performance in the coming warmer weather.

The shift from winter to spring can be challenging for your vehicle, affecting everything from the auto fluids to the battery.

Therefore, a comprehensive spring tune-up is essential for your car’s durability and safety on the road.

Spring Auto Tune-up

Auto Fluids Check 

The vital fluids in your car require regular examination and replacement. Engine oil, brake fluid, and antifreeze should top your checklist.

These fluids may get contaminated during the winter, affecting the performance and safety of your vehicle.

Begin with the engine oil, which keeps the engine running smoothly. After a cold winter, it might be dirty or low, hindering your engine’s performance.

Then, look over the brake fluid. Maintaining proper brake fluid levels is crucial for your car’s braking efficiency.

Also, evaluate the antifreeze. This liquid is essential to prevent your engine from overheating, so it’s vital to ensure it’s filled to the appropriate level and is the correct mixture for optimal engine performance.

After conducting these checks, replace any old, low, or contaminated fluids. New fluids will enable your car to operate seamlessly and prevent possible damage.

Maintaining proper fluid levels and quality enhances your vehicle’s performance and extends its life. 

Auto fluids check

Battery Check-Up 

A slow start could be a sign that your battery is failing.

Perform regular checks for signs of wear or damage to prevent unexpected battery failure.

It’s also essential to clean the battery terminals to avoid poor connections affecting your car’s performance and reliability.

Inspect the battery case for cracks or damage that might have occurred during the winter.

Visible damage may suggest the battery needs replacing.

Checking the Battery’s Charge

Use a multimeter set to 20 DC volts for precise readings.

Attach the multimeter’s probes to the battery terminals – red to the positive and black to the negative.

  • A healthy battery should show about 12.5 volts.
  • A reading significantly lower, especially under 12 volts, indicates a discharged battery.

Consider replacing a weak battery to ensure you’re not left stranded.

Replace the Wiper Blades

Swap out old wiper blades to maintain clear vision during spring rains.

Wiper blades can become cracked, torn, or ineffective over time, compromising their ability to clear away rain and debris from your windshield.

For best visibility in rainy conditions, ensure smooth and streak-free wiper operation.

Choose wiper blades that are the correct size for your vehicle to completely clear the windshield of rain droplets.

Replacing them is straightforward and cost-effective, ensuring you remain safe regardless of the weather.

To change the wiper blades, lift the wiper arm from the windshield, press the release tab, and slide off the old blade.

Then, attach the new blade until it clicks into place and securely lower the wiper arm back down.

Regular replacement of your wiper blades ensures you keep a clear view and a safer drive during spring rains.

Person in replacing wiper blade on a vehicle

Windshield Maintenance

The fluctuating temperatures and debris from winter can damage your windshield.

Promptly addressing any chips or cracks can prevent them from expanding.

Acting quickly on a minor windshield chip can often save it from turning into a full-blown crack requiring replacement.

For significant cracks or ones impairing your line of sight, consult US Auto Glass immediately.

Ignoring windshield damage can compromise your safety and even be against the law.

A clear windshield is crucial for the best visibility while driving.

Auto windshield check

Cleaning Your Auto Glass

Eliminate winter’s salt, dirt, and grime from all auto windows inside and out to enhance your driving visibility.

Use a gentle glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for a streak-free finish and a clear driving view.

Spray the cleaner onto the window, then wipe it off with the cloth using circular motions, paying extra attention to the edges for any buildup.

For stubborn spots, a little cleaner and gentle scrubbing with the cloth might be needed. Avoid applying too much pressure, which can cause streaks.

Also, remember to clean the inside of the auto glass to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.

Regular cleaning improves visibility and contributes to your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

Following these steps ensures a clear view of the road and keeps your auto glass in prime condition for spring driving.

Auto Glass Cleaning Check


Completing these essential spring maintenance tasks ensures you’re ready to confidently take to the roads, knowing your vehicle is in top shape.

After attending to the fluids, battery, wiper blades, and auto glass, you’ve covered the essentials for preparing your vehicle for the warmer months.

Regular maintenance is crucial for a safe and smooth driving experience.

For any significant issues, having your vehicle inspected at a local auto service center is wise.

Enjoy safe and happy driving this spring season!


Published on March 26, 2024


Meet Jacqueline, the newest member of our Sales and Operations team. With a deep passion for British-made vehicles, Jacqueline brings a wealth of enthusiasm and expertise to our team. Her commitment to the automotive industry and love for the iconic cars make her an invaluable asset to our operations.

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