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Kia rear window replacement

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Lansdale, PA

Kia Seltos 2011

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 7, 2022


Detroit, MI

Kia K5 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 25, 2022


Miami, FL

Kia Telluride 2021

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 26, 2022


Miami Gardens, FL

Kia Sportage 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 30, 2022


Miami, FL

Kia Sedona 2015

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 3, 2022


Chicago, IL

Kia Niro Hybrid 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 30, 2022


Houston, TX

Kia Rio 2017

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 26, 2022


Columbia, SC

Kia Forte 2011

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 29, 2022


Chicago, IL

Kia Cadenza 2014

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 2, 2022


Richmond, VA

Kia Sportage 2016

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 2, 2022


Humble, TX

Kia Sportage 2010

Rear Window Replacement

July 16, 2022


Hollywood, FL

Kia Soul 2010

Rear Window Replacement

July 15, 2022


Westminster, MD

Kia Forte 2011

Rear Window Replacement

Aug. 16, 2022


Our latest reviews

Kia Sedona 2019 Rear Window Replacement Review

out of 5 stars

Kia Sedona 2019 Rear Window Replacement

Very informative customer service, was able to get an quick appointment that suited me.

Kia K5 2021 Rear Window Replacement Review

out of 5 stars

Kia K5 2021 Rear Window Replacement

The service was amazing the job was done in no time.

Kia rear window replacement near you

Does your Kia suffer from cracked or shattered auto glass? For instance, you Google "Auto Glass Service near me" and find US Auto Glass Rear Window Replacement, and that's good!

Our Technicians are superheroes and love cars; their passion is the foundation for our quality and high service level.

We can guarantee that your rear window replacement will be handled with professional and loving care by our auto glass fitters.

We will do that while providing the most exceptional customer service.

Kia Rear Window Replacement

Our online booking system is designed to be quick and easy to use, so you can get started right away.

The support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about using our system, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. We look forward to helping you to find the right rear window replacement service for your Kia!

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Kia windshield

About Kia

KIA was founded in 1944 as a steel tubing and bicycle parts manufacturer. In 1951, they began building complete bicycles and, by 1957, had entered the automobile market with a line of trucks.

In 1962, KIA formed a joint venture with Ford until 1986. During this time, KIA produced several popular models, such as the Brisa and Pride. In 1987, KIA became a completely independent company again and began to expand its global reach.

A fast-growing brand

The car brand has been gaining popularity in recent years. They are South Korea's second-largest automobile manufacturer today and offer a wide range of vehicles to suit every need. KIA offers a wide range of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to spacious SUVs, and is known for its competitive pricing and excellent value.

The brand has also earned a reputation for quality, with many KIA models receiving high marks from automotive reviewers. In addition, KIA is committed to environmental responsibility and offers several hybrid and electric vehicles. They partnered with Hyundai motor group, which has positively impacted the company.

With its affordability, quality, and sustainability, it's no wonder that KIA is one of the world's fastest-growing car brands. With a commitment to quality and Innovation, KIA will undoubtedly continue its upward trajectory in the future.

Commitment to safety

The KIA ADAS is an intelligent system that uses sensors to monitor the surrounding environment and provide driver assistance. The system includes features such as Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Lane Keeping Assist.

The Blind Spot Detection feature uses sensors to detect vehicles in the blind spot and alerts the driver if it is safe to change lanes. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature uses sensors to detect approaching traffic when backing out of a parking space.

The Lane Keeping Assist feature uses sensors to keep the vehicle within its lane and provides corrective steering input if necessary. The ADAS system in modern cars is a valuable tool for improving safety on the road.

Auto glass prices incl. fitting (from)

  • Windshield price $251.65
  • Side window price $328.29
  • Rear window price $385.10

Windshield replacement cost example:
Kia Sportage windshield cost

Need a new windshield or an autoglass replacement?

There's never a good time for your windshield to crack or shatter. But when it does, you can count on the experts to quickly and efficiently have your windshield replaced or replace any other auto glass.

We can install original equipment OE or OEM windshield, so you can be confident that your new windshield will meet or exceed the standards of your KIA vehicle.

And our team of skilled technicians has years of experience working with all types of models, including your KIA model. So, we'll ensure the job is done right whether you need a new windshield, rear window or side window - for instance, on the passenger side or the drivers side.


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Kia rear window replacement FAQ

Everything you need to know for a successful Kia rear window replacement simple and online booking

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