Can a Cracked Windshield Be Repaired?

Written by Oliver

Jun 30, 2022

June 30, 2022

Some crack specialists can repair windshield cracks up to 15 inches, but most auto glass technicians can only handle cracks of a few inches. Additionally, not all cracks in your windshield are created equal.

Car's front windshield in totally cracked after strong impact

A small rock can be lifted off the road in an instant by a passing car, and before you know it, that seemingly insignificant stone can cause significant damage to your windshield. Dealing with a crack or a stone chip in your windshield can not only be annoying but also potentially expensive later on if not repaired immediately.

If you find yourself the unlucky recipient of such an unwelcome surprise, you might be wondering how to tackle a cracked windshield effectively.

If you’re uncertain about the next steps, in this blog post we elaborate on the options available to you for repairing or replacing your windshield and ensuring your vehicle remains safe and visually clear for your driving experiences.






Is it Safe to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

Overall, there is nothing to worry about if you do not know how to repair a cracked windshield. 

These cracks weaken your windshield and can spread over the entire surface of the windshield if left untreated. You should have no problems as long as you have a clear view and the crack does not obstruct your view.

However, if the crack grows significantly or makes it difficult to orient yourself while driving. Then you should get it fixed right away. Failure to repair the damaged window is a danger to you and other motorists and may attract the attention of the police.

Assessment of the damage varies from sight to sight with respect to cracks in the windshield. So make sure you are familiar with your local regulations before postponing the repair of a crack in your windshield.

Woman behind steering wheel is surprised by cracked windshield

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Wour Cracked Windshield?

Keep in mind that windshields do not repair or replace themselves. The key to avoiding replacing your windshield is to repair it right away. Postponing an expensive repair will typically only result in a more expensive bill for replacing your windshield.

Learning to repair a cracked windshield can help save you a lot of money. Whether or not you will need to replace your windshield completely depends on the location, size of the stone chip and the length of the crack.

If the damage impedes your view and is longer than 5inch then you have no choice but to replace your entire windshield. This is often due to the fact that you can not make cracks that are longer than 5inch.

Typically, cracks larger than 5inch long will require the replacement of the windshield. Cracks can grow due to temperature changes and movements in the car like a hole in the road.

In terms of severity, the more cracks in your windshield, the more likely they are that they cannot be repaired. 

Some eyewitnesses will allow a crack or two, but the windshield must be replaced if they are too close together and if they are in the field of view or rated so long that they weaken the pane too much. 

Do not postpone a windshield inspection.

First Assess the Damage

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not your windshield can be repaired. Here’s what you need to know.

Auto glass technician inspecting damage on the windshield, close up


The size of the crack in your windshield matters. If you catch it early, you can prevent a crack from splintering all over your windshield. 

When a crack exceeds 5inch or more in length, you probably have no choice but to replace the entire windshield. 

Send us a picture and get a free assessment of your crack in your windshield, you may be able to avoid a window change and a big bill.


As mentioned before, if the crack impairs your vision, you will need to replace the entire windshield if it cannot be repaired. Most eyewitnesses who allow drivers to drive around with a cracked windshield often draw the line when a crack obstructs the driver’s vision. 

Your local workshop will also sometimes not repair a crack if it blocks the driver’s view, as the repair can create distortions in the repaired area.

Further damage

A windshield has several layers, and the top layer is typically the one that cracks. However, there may be some cracks and fissures below the surface, and the damage can be so great that it can cause problems for the entire structure of the windshield. 

If there is damage below the surface, replace it instead of repairing it.

How to Repair a Cracked Windshield Yourself

If you want to avoid an expensive repair, there is a chance that you can repair a cracked windshield yourself. First, learn how to repair a cracked windshield. 

However, this only works on minor cracks in your windshield and is probably only a temporary solution that can give you some time. You can pick up a windshield repair kit at your favorite auto parts store.

First, clean the windshield as well as possible and remove all shards and other dirt from the surface. Use a needle or a pointed object to clean the crack as well as impact the area as well as possible. 

Follow the instructions on your ki. Typically, there is a container of glue that you spray into the “hole” on the pane. Let the resin harden. When that happens, you will probably have a hard time finding the old crack.

This may be enough to help you avoid replacing the windshield for months or years. 

US Auto Glass happy customer drives home after windshield replacement

How to Repair a Cracked Windshield With Insurance

Insurance companies usually cover the cost of replacing a cracked windshield. This often falls under their hull coverage and will require you to pay your deductible. 

If you get it repaired, many insurance companies will not claim the deductible.

You must call your insurance company to report the damage. They will probably recommend their business partner with whom they have a discount agreement.

Free workshop choice

Your auto glass fitter will examine the cracked windshield and recommend taking the next steps yourself with your insurance company.

Typically you will have a new windshield or your current repaired within an hour or two. Make sure you communicate directly with your auto glass fitter throughout the process. 

They can help you make decisions that are approved by your insurance company so that you undergo a big bill

How to Repair a Cracked Windshield Without Insurance

If you do not want to involve your insurance company, or if your policy does not cover cracked windshields, research how to repair a cracked windshield. 

Call the local auto repair shops and tell them the details of your car’s windscreen. 

They will probably have a few recommendations on how to proceed and give you an offer. 

Compare your choice options, check reviews on serious candidates. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Windshield?

The cost can vary greatly when it comes to repairing your windshield. If you go the do-it-yourself route, it may only cost $25 for a repair kit. 

If you go through your insurance company, you may only have to pay your deductible. However, some insurance companies will not charge you the deductible if you only repair the crack and do not replace the windshield.

If you have no choice but to pay out of your own pocket for the entire course, it may not be as bad as you think. Car glass fitters know how to repair a cracked windshield, and it can cost you less than $15.

However, replacing the entire windshield can be quite expensive . A windscreen can cost up to $2,000 on some special cars. 

This is why it is important to get any cracks or boulders in your windshield fixed immediately.

Technician perform windshield repair process

Prevention of Cracks on the Windshield

There are a number of different reasons why a windshield cracks. Sometimes it’s out of your control, whether it’s a rock, hail, or an accident.

It is best to avoid gravel roads, keep a distance from construction vehicles on the highway and seek shelter from hail. But sometimes you just have to cross your fingers and hope that you are born under a lucky star and that luck is on your side!

Tesla driver confused by cracked windshield

Do Not Let a Cracked Windshield Knock You Out

A cracked windshield is not the end of the world. Most people experience a crack or a stone in their windshield at some point. 

It is part of the risk you take when driving a car and especially on the highway.

You can help prevent the damage from spreading or getting worse by acting immediately. 

You are not doing yourself or your bank account a favor by postponing having a crack or a stone chip in your windshield supervised by a professional. 

Knowing how to repair a cracked windshield is a great way to save money and keep your windshield clear and safe.




Oliver Nordsve is a unique individual with bilingual skills; he speaks five languages and is a father of 4 lovely children. In his spare time, he loves to prepare big meals for the family, go for long walks and meditate every morning. He has worked in the auto glass industry for 15 years and is a company veteran. At, he is the head of business development which, during his time, has evolved into a business with several branches globally. Oliver used to replace windshields on trucks and buses during his time with MAN.

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