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Windshield Replacement

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Windshield Replacement

March 4, 2023


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Mercedes Benz CLS 2013

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Windshield Replacement

Jan. 20, 2023


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Honda Ridgeline Windshield Replacement

All around great experience! Appointment was on time and the customer service was awesome.

New windshield fitted by professionals - Book online ✔

We are the auto glass specialists in the country and amongst the industry leaders. Our certified technicians stand ready to install a quality replacement windshield in your vehicle. With us, you can, within a few clicks, find affordable auto glass prices online and make use of our mobile service without extra charge.

windshield replacement near me

There are many good reasons for replacing the entire windshield:

  • A crack in the driver’s primary viewing area
  • There are seven or more stone chips
  • Worn out windshield
  • Stone chips too close to the edge of the windshield
  • The crack is too large to repair

When should it be replaced?

A cracked windshield is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Even a small crack can weaken the glass and make it more susceptible to breakage. In addition, cracks can obscure the driver's vision and make it difficult to see potential hazards on the road.

If you have a cracked windshield, it's important to have it replaced as soon as possible. A professional auto glass specialist will be able to quickly repair or replace your windshield, ensuring that your car is safe to drive. Don't take chances regarding windshields - a replacement windshield is always the best option..

Damaged auto glass?

Damaged vehicle glass is no joking matter, so get minor stone chips fixed (glass repair) before they become a bigger problem, and your auto glass requires expensive replacement services.

Windshields, in particular, play an important role in protecting passengers from the elements and keeping the driver's view clear. When a windshield is cracked or chipped, it weakens the structure of the glass (structural integrity), making it more susceptible to further damage.

In addition, debris can enter the cracks and cause the glass to shatter. For these reasons, it's essential to have any damaged vehicle glass repaired as soon as possible. A glass repair is recommended rather sooner than later.

We can manage all vehicle brands and vehicle glass:

  • Workshop or mobile service ✔
  • OE & OEM quality auto glass ✔
  • We handle all the insurance documents ✔

Is your windshield damaged? Book an appointment online so you can get a windshield replacement as soon as possible.


Most auto glass repair shops offer various services, including windshield replacement and glass repair, side window replacement, and rear windshield replacement. Please book an appointment online so you can get a quality auto glass replacement in the form of a new windshield as soon as possible and restore the driver's view to ideal conditions once again.

Whether you need a simple chip glass repair or a complete replacement due to an entire windshield being damaged, we can help all car owners.

How much is a windshield replacement?

Most people have insurance, which often covers it, and we manage the insurance documents when you book with us. A price of a new windshield, as well as a replacement, depends on two factors. For example, the following is essential to the windshield replacement cost:

  • Vehicle brand
  • Vehicle model
  • Whether mobile or workshop replacement

We will get you the same discount as other big companies would give you at their best price when you need your windshield replaced by one of our certified technicians.

There is no extra charge for our mobile service, and we aim to be of assistance when you need auto glass repairs, such as having your windshield repaired or perhaps other replacement service needs, like a new rear windshield.

If we have repaired a chip and you think the repair is too apparent, after having the windshield repaired, we will deduct the chip repair price if you order the replacement with us.

Vehicle owners with car models that are more than a few years old usually go for OEM auto glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket windshields rather than the OE. The main reason is that these have a 40-60% lower cost for windshield installation and uphold an approved auto glass quality.

Original Equipment Manufacturer winshield

Road safety and auto glass

The windshield is essential for your and other motorists' road safety. Stone chips and wear can prevent you from looking properly through your windshield, leading to vehicle accidents.

The windshield is integral to the vehicle's construction; it provides stability and is also indispensable if you need your airbags. The window holds it in place when the airbag is deployed to provide the necessary protection.

Suppose you are driving around with a worn-down or cracked windshield. In that case, we recommend that you have it replaced as soon as possible and book a new windshield installation.

Stone chips become cracks even in quality glass

Does your car have chips in the windshield, and you do not think they bother you so much? All chips crack over time - there is no help for that.

The question is time, whether it is 12 months, two weeks, or tomorrow before the crack continues to grow a few inches. Always inspect the damaged area and get your stone chips repaired before the windshield cracks - it's much cheaper.

A windshield replacement will be inevitable if you don't get it fixed in time. We handle the replacement professionally and assure you of a high-quality windshield - as we work with OE and OEM quality.

Your vehicle's windshield & auto glass specialist

US Auto Glass LLC is the obvious choice for any glass damage. As a leading specialist in the United States, you get more than good quality when choosing us when it comes to replacing windshields. You also get the security that comes with selecting a specialist. We make sure to calibrate the ADAS operating system in the vehicle - something that most people are not aware they have or that it needs to be calibrated.

We have a good relationship with the insurance and leasing companies. In addition, we take pride in providing excellent auto glass service. When you need a new windshield in your vehicle, we help you through the entire process, from start to finish.

We take care of the paperwork for your insurance claim, for example, if your vehicle is leased or your insurance covers your damage.

auto glass specialist

Where should I go?

The benefit of choosing our nationwide windshield replacement service is that you can pick numerous car glass replacement workshops all over the country. We aim to make it super easy to locate a service where you can get a new windshield installed in your vehicle.

If you want to save as much time as possible, you can also have one of our mobile technicians come to your location to replace your windshield. That way, you save time and instead spend time on what's important to you: auto glass service, fit for the modern-day.

Certified auto glass fitter

We answer many questions daily for our customers, so we have made it easy and answered some here:

What does the windshield replacement cost?

It depends on your coverage ratio in your insurance. We can see most of the information needed to give you an accurate price on the quality auto glass when providing your license plate. With this process, we can match your vehicle's VIN to the correct NAGS code to identify the correct auto glass. Give us a call, and we'll find your price.

How is it replaced?

It takes approx. 1.5 - 2 hours to change a windshield car window. It is not just easy to change, as the old window must be cut free, a new layer of glue is applied, and the new windshield must be perfectly fitted. Your advanced driver assistance system must also be calibrated, which we do for you.

windshield removal

To replace a windshield:

  1. The entire windshield must be cut free
  2. Old glue is removed
  3. Primer applied to the new auto glass
  4. New glue is applied
  5. Windshield fitted correctly
  6. Calibration of the ADAS

Note that the glue must dry for at least 30 min before you can drive the vehicle again. In the video below, you can see what it looks like:

Most newer vehicles have advanced driver assistance systems, like lane departure warning systems, but few are aware of it. Fortunately, we are and have included it in our auto glass service. We have many years of experience in windshield replacements, and the latter is for your safety.

Is it allowed to drive with a cracked windshield?

You can risk a fine from the police, so we recommend that you change the windshield as soon as possible and avoid driving with a cracked or significantly damaged car window.

What is the tolerance of the cracked auto glass?

The rules have changed over time, but you can follow these:

  • Cracks or scratches that decrease vision

  • Cracks longer than 1,2 inches

Stone chips usually turn into cracks; from here, they can rapidly transform from a small to a large crack. The rules also apply to vehicle inspections but can vary depending on where in the windshield the crack is located.

We always recommend repairing glass damage to the vehicle immediately. You are also welcome to drive past one of our workshops, to assess the damage, and have your windshield repaired.

windshield repair and replacement

Can I pay without the insurance?

If you don't have insurance coverage on auto glass replacement, that is not a problem. It is entirely up to you how you want to pay for your car window. If you need it, we can also offer to finance.

Can you calibrate my ADAS?

For car owners with advanced driver assistance systems: we are working on being able to calibrate all vehicles after a windshield installation as a part of our auto glass service, regardless of vehicle brand. For instance, Tesla still needs to go to an authorized Tesla workshop.

What does a new windshield cost?

The price of a new windshield depends on several things:

  • Insurance coverage and company
  • The vehicle
  • Properties of the windshield

Luckily, we can help you figure out precisely what a windshield replacement will cost you - we need your license plate to provide you with an accurate auto glass service.

At the same time, we can also book you in for a car window appointment to have the windshield replaced. With us, you get a new windshield of the highest quality that matches the properties of your old windshield, such as heating wires, sensors, etc.

Find your price here

US Auto Glass LLC can give you an exact price based on your license plate:

  • We handle your insurance claim ✔️

  • We provide an instant quote ✔️

  • You can also book time ✔️

Call and get a price and book an appointment on 302 803 49 24

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