Chevrolet Silverado – Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair

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Our auto glass repairs and windshield replacement series cover the massive Chevrolet Silverado – a competing alternative to the Ford F150 pick-up and the Dodge Ram.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most popular vehicles sold in the United States; Chevrolet moves around 40,000 of these a month.

White Chevrolet Silverado on the Las Vegas streets

As one of our customers stated: I love Chevrolet’s (Chevy’s). I’m incredibly loyal to them; there’s something about baseball hotdogs, apple pies, and Chevrolet’s—that is a slice of Americana.

How is it to own and drive a Silverado?

Did you know that Silverados have undergone more than 7 million miles of product development testing? That’s more than any other General Motors product.

The first generation of the model debuted in 1998 as a 1999 edition. Since 2019, Chevrolet has entered the Silverado’s fourth upgrade cycle to consolidate the model as one of the best full-size pick-up trucks.

As a Silverado owner, you got a really practical heavy-duty vehicle and good value for your money.

Auto Glass in a Chevrolet Silverado

The auto glass in a Silverado consists of two side windows on both the driver and passenger sides. A big front windshield and a rear window with a middle part that opens.

All of which are glass parts we replace at the US Auto Glass replacement service.

The side window can roll down all the way so that the view can be enjoyed fully by all the passengers. The downside is that you have to keep pressing the button upwards for it to close fully again.

Likewise, the middle part of the rear window on newer models, the person sitting in the front can open it, unfortunately not by the back seat passengers.

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Red Chevrolet Silverado on the street

Laminated Glass – Front Windshield

This type of glass is more robust and endurable compared to tempered glass. The glass gets produced by bonding two conventional glass layers and one plastic interlayer (usually vinyl plastic).

These two layers are merged with high-pressure levels and then exposed to an extreme degree of heat to bond together. This is a simple explanation of producing durable glass that can sustain substantial pressure before it cracks. 

Auto glass manufacturers use windshields with this type of glass to prevent any glass fragment from forming. After all, you want the glass to stay together and not fly towards the occupants of your Chevrolet Silverado.

Laminated glass is also easily repaired if minor damage occurs on its surface, which is a beneficial and cost-effective feature.

This fact acknowledges how expensive windshield replacements can be. 

Tempered Glass – Side Windows & Rear Windshield

This type of glass is slightly more fragile than laminated glass (while still being more potent than average glass). Tempered glass is formed by heating a transparent sheet of glass to intense heat levels within a gigantic heater.

The glass sheet then goes through a rapid cooling system known as quenching. Here, the glass is pressured down and cooled for a short amount of time.

This method creates tempered glass, which fractures into small and comparatively safe pieces when crushed. 

Because of this, we utilize tempered glass in environments where human safety is a possible issue, i.e., side windows and rear windshields in vehicles.

This glass type is unrepairable, and once damaged, it needs a replacement.

Grey Chevrolet Silverado in the forest

What can I do to prevent cracks from appearing on the windshield of my Chevrolet Silverado?

We have listed a few things you can keep in mind to give your Chevrolet the best possible conditions to uphold intact auto glass for as long as possible.

Provide your Silverado with appropriate shelter

To avoid stress fractures and weather debris from causing severe impacts on your vehicle’s glass. Ensure that you park your Chevrolet under adequate shelter whenever possible. In this way, the vehicle won’t be as exposed to alternating temperatures or random projectiles such as frisbees, soccer balls, or a sudden fall of hailstones. 

Boiling water is not a good way to unfreeze your windshield

This approach is a sure way to shatter and damage your windshield instantly. We are not kidding at all. Please do not do this to your vehicle as it is terrible for the windshield. This might look cool on Youtube, but we do not recommend this method as auto glass experts. 

Make sure to keep any new cracks clean

If somehow a crack does occur despite your best attempts to avoid it. Always make sure to keep all dust and water out of the newly formed crack. As outside particles contribute to decaying, the glass layers fast and will accelerate the shattering process.

Instead, apply a clear piece of tape over the crack or dent (after washing and drying it first) to avoid as good as possible for the crack to expand. 

Black stylish Chevrolet Silverado with black rims

Drive very carefully, even though your truck is tough

Keep a distance between yourself and any other cars in the traffic, and never engage in texting while driving. Full attention will provide you the necessary split-second advantage to react and avoid a vehicle or pedestrian.

We all know how obstacles can leap out of nowhere, and a disaster waits to happen if you don’t keep all your attention on the road at all times!

Inspect your auto glass, especially the front windshield

A glance and quick observation of the overall condition of your auto glass is not sufficient. Take the necessary time in your hectic everyday life to closely examine your windshield and other auto glass sections for any signs of decay or microdamage.

Remember: minor cracks and dents can be easily repaired instead of having the entire windshield replaced. A problem discovered early on means fewer headaches down the road and possibly avoiding higher prices tomorrow.

Use qualified auto glass service and skilled technicians

Do your research beforehand and find a company that will treat the auto glass of your Silverado right. Poor-quality workmanship and cheap materials as moldings and glue mean that you’ll have to revisit them sooner than you would like!

Grey Chevrolet Silverado in the snowy forest

What does it cost?

The cost for a windshield replacement for the Chevrolet Silverado ranges from $463.20 to $1170.98

Are you looking for a Chevrolet Silverado windshield replacement near you?

Not many vehicles can handle just about any situation and obstacle, but your Chevrolet Silverado is one of the few that can. We aim to uphold at all times the safety and security of your Silverado by applying the best in industry auto glass materials and providing authorized professional care.

The mission of US Auto Glass is: to replace your auto glass correctly the first time and never compromise on the quality of our windshields, side windows, or rear window replacements. 

There are lots of competing auto glass repairs in my city, so why trust us over them?

Windshield replacement – US Auto Glass offers:


Auto Glass Warranty

We are offering a one-year warranty on all auto glass replacements.


We travel to most places within the US, as long as we can accommodate you through land or a bridge. No longer do you have to transport yourself somewhere while driving with a severely jeopardized windshield!

Instant windshield replacement quotation and easy to book website

When visiting our website, you will quickly notice how it is easy to find your auto glass. Never has it been easier to find an online price for auto glass replacement for your Chevrolet Silverado. You can also schedule a date and time right away that works most suitably for you. You can book one of our qualified specialists to come over to your place in a few clicks.

There is no more waiting for weeks or months. One of our many technicians could already be there within the next couple of days!


Published on: October 21, 2021


Eric is the driving force behind the Sales and Operations team at US Auto Glass. His role there is not merely a job but an extension of his passion. He's ardently dedicated to ensuring customers receive top-tier service while also staying on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations in the automotive industry. So, Eric's your go-to guy, whether you're a fellow car enthusiast looking to discuss the subtle differences between American-produced car models or someone needing expert guidance on auto glass solutions.

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