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Brockton, MA

Hyundai Genesis 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Nov. 17, 2023


Subaru Ascent 2013

Rear Window Replacement

Oct. 24, 2023


Toyota Tacoma 2014

Rear Window Replacement

Oct. 29, 2023


Minneapolis, MN

Acura TSX 2014

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 8, 2023


Mazda CX Series 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Oct. 11, 2023


Toyota RAV4 2013

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 17, 2023


Irvine, CA

Subaru Outback 2017

Rear Window Replacement

Sept. 12, 2023


Rialto, CA

Hyundai Sonata 2010

Rear Window Replacement

Nov. 8, 2023


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Review of a Ford Excursion Back Window Replacement in Costa Mesa, CA


out of 5 stars

Ford Excursion Back Window Replacement

Costa Mesa, CA

Highly recommended! US auto glass were fantastic at every step.

Review of a Toyota Tacoma Back Window Replacement in Colorado Springs, CO


out of 5 stars

Toyota Tacoma Back Window Replacement

Great service and a job well done.

Review of Chrysler Pacifica Back Window Replacement in Goodyear, AZ (33.4355588988237, -112.35562475540934)


out of 5 stars

Chrysler Pacifica Back Window

Goodyear, AZ

Fantastic service - thank you! Very professional through out the entire replacement.

Review of Audi Q5 Back Window Replacement in Thornton, CO (39.86734977888737, -104.97142978124548)


out of 5 stars

Audi Q5 Back Window Replacement

Thornton, CO

The glass was replaced and the broken glass removed at our home, without any problems.

Review of Nissan Versa Back Window Replacement in Huntsville, AL (34.73315578799673, -86.58702419119223)


out of 5 stars

Nissan Versa Back Window

Generally a trouble free service. I would rate the whole experience as positive.

Review of a Volvo XC70 Back Window Replacement in Round Rock, TX (30.5083983848798, -97.67645681156407)


out of 5 stars

Volvo XC70 Back Window Replacement

Round Rock, TX

The whole experience was without drama and I was very pleased with the service.

Review of a GMC Yukon Back Window Replacement in McKinney, TX (33.19897278325836, -96.63616885416849)


out of 5 stars

GMC Yukon Back Window

McKinney, TX

Professional and quick from start to finish. Definitely recommend this service. Technician was comp…

Honda Civic Back Window Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Honda Civic Back Window Replacement

Frisco, TX

The whole process was far simpler than expected. Very impressed.

Kia Sportage Back Window Replacement Review


out of 5 stars

Kia Sportage Back Window Replacement

McKinney, TX

Great service, everything took less than hour just like they quoted. I would recommend to anyone.

Chevrolet Equinox Back Window Review


out of 5 stars

Chevrolet Equinox Back Window

The friendly and courteous staff made the entire experience stress-free and, as usual, their work w…

Nationwide back windshield replacement

The rear windshield provides a critical section of the overall view. The car back window lets the driver see any possible dangers from behind that are not visible from either side of the front windshield alone. Therefore, the rear windshield is an important safety feature in any car.

It provides a clear view of the road behind you and helps to protect passengers from wind and debris. However, the back window is also prone to damage from flying objects like rocks and gravel. As a result, it is essential to regularly inspect the back windshield for cracks or minor surface chips (glass repair) or have it replaced entirely if necessary.

windshield replacement near me

Car back window and visibility

The car's back window serves an essential purpose: the rear windshield is necessary for maintaining good visibility. That's why keeping the back window clean and debris-free is crucial.

However, many drivers overlook the importance of keeping their back windshield clean. Over time, the back window can become covered in dirt, pollen, and other pollutants. If left unchecked, this build-up can obscure your view and make your car less fuel-efficient.

A dirty back windshield can be just as dangerous as a dirty front windshield. When dirt and grime build up on the glass, it can significantly reduce visibility. This can make seeing other cars, pedestrians, and potential hazards difficult. In some cases, it can even lead to accidents.

car back window low visibilty

Rear window car

A rear window must always be intact to safeguard you, your vehicle, and those outside the car. By keeping the back windshield in good condition, you can help ensure your and your passengers' safety.

Usually, the back windshield glass damage leaves a mess of glass due to being made of tempered glass, but a back window replacement is much easier and quicker than you might think.

Quality auto glass for your car

Our glass replacement service can assist your vehicle's auto glass needs with OE and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality glass.

Depending on the budget and the car's newness, most customers opt-in for the original equipment manufacturer when ordering a rear windshield replacement, which is the same when looking into front windshields.

The intelligent online quote system on our webpage displays, in most cases, the auto glass price that originates from the original equipment manufacturer. Do you want to be sure to have OE auto glass installed in your vehicle?

Then reach out to us beforehand for an accurate estimate of the back windshield replacement cost.

auto glass OE and OEM quality

When it shatters - what to do?

Your first step should be directly scheduling a back windshield replacement when you have a broken back windshield. If you have been in an accident or had an external element shatter your rear window, take action and book a replacement today.

Our professional, mobile, certified technicians quickly ensure you get rid of your old, damaged tempered auto glass and that the new rear windshield fits perfectly. When searching for "back windshield replacement near me," regardless of location, we have you covered locally and nationwide.

auto glass rear windshield replacement near me

Back windshield replacement

As the name suggests, this replacement fixes the back window of your car. If the rear windshield has been damaged by something hitting or breaking it, you urgently need a back window replacement.

Due to the qualities of tempered auto glass, having a shattered rear windshield can be quite a headache if not taken care of soon enough, and your vehicle could risk other types of damage.

At US Autoglass, we understand the importance of safety and quality. We use only high-quality glass replacement parts on rear windshields to ensure that your new back window is just as strong and durable as the original, as we only install quality glass.

Call us today and schedule your replacement. Our customer-focused staff will work with you to find a price that fits your budget so the anticipated back windshield replacement cost remains affordable. So please don't wait until it's too late; let us know if you need additional information.

We'll take care of everything, from the initial assessment to the final back windshield installation. You'll be back on the road with a new car back window just as strong as the original.

Mobile replacement service

Shattered rear windshield glass is never a welcome sight. Dealing with broken glass can be a hassle, whether it's a cracked windshield or a broken side window. Fortunately, we are amongst auto glass companies specializing in mobile replacement service for back windshield and front windshield replacement.

Our certified technicians will come to your location and replace your windshield quickly and efficiently; they will also vacuum up the broken glass for you. Be it at your home address or your workplace's parking spot, we stand ready.

rear window car replacement

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We are committed to delivering the highest service standards. As part of this, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and parts.

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